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Amadeo Buraschi

Amadeo Buraschi

Lecturer of Italian language

Country of origin: Italy

Associated place in Tartu: Corner of Jaani and Gildi streets

Lived in Tartu: 1831–1856

Our Tartu university students had great, praiseworthy enthusiasm, which was reflected in the fact that they were glad to consult source materials, also basic and specialized works in their respective fields and studied, not sated by merely surface-level teachings.

Professor of classical philology and archaeology Ludwig Schwabe, a contemporary of Buraschi

Amadeo Buraschi Country of origin: Italy Image: National Archives, EFA.406.0.153588

Image: National Archives, EFA.406.0.153588

View of St. John’s Church

Lecturers on contemporary languages ended up working at University of Tartu based on societal demand. For the most
part, they were viewed as akin to drawing, dance and riding instructors who imparted to youths the skills they would need in life.
Italian, for example, would be needed by young graduates who embark on their Grand Tour of Europe after university as Italy
was a popular destination. It was not always possible to lure native Italians to Tartu in the 19th century, but one who did accept a position was Amadeo Buraschi, who taught here for 25 years and retired in Tartu.